Watch Live Streaming Premier League

The English league is the best league in the world, clubs that compete in the Premier League have the ability and also the material of the players that are almost even. This is evident from the very tight battle of every game and also the Premier League always won by different clubs every year.

                             Primier League
         Tottenham vs Chelsea
               Kamis, 16 Mei 2019, 07.00 WIB
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every club match that competes in the English league is always filled with spectators, both those who come directly to the stadium and those who watch the match through the screen. This is because the club competing in the premier league has fans that are spread almost all over the world.

Many people cannot watch the game directly to the stadium, maybe that includes you. But you should never worry, because at Resiy TV, you can watch all English league matches. The following is the premier league schedule.

🔴 LIVE TODAY, 15 Mei, 2019 
04:45 Chelsea Liverpool
07:10 MAN City Tottenham

At this time, if you cannot watch the match directly to the stadium and cannot watch the game via TV because you are outside, you can watch your favorite club match through the premier league live streming on your smartphone.
To always update the schedule and watch your favorite club's live streaming, you can visit Resiy TV every day. Enjoy the match.